Trattoria Sostanza



An old favourite near Santa Maria Novella.

Many things have been written about this quirky niche of old Florence, to which people come for the atmosphere and a taste of past times.

The charm of this place is that it genuinely has remained unchanged for many years. The walls are half tiled in plain white and above them there are news cuttings and memorabilia of a famous clientele of years gone by.
The waiters wear an old fashioned uniform of grey jackets tucked into their white aprons and have a no-nonsense approach.

Expect to wait for a seat during busy times and expect to share a table cheek by jowl with fellow diners in the traditional trattoria manner. The uncommon but highly celebrated house speciality of chicken breast cooked in butter (pollo al burro) has a wonderful nutty flavour and arrives at the table still sizzling in its skillet. If you choose the Florentine beefsteak (bistecca alla fiorentina) remember that it is only ever served rare!


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You have to try the chicken in butter! It is maybe not the healthiest option to eat but is just delicious. Make sure that you reserve a table and you have to know that there are only two sittings at night (7 & 9 PM).

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Stunning Florentine Beef Steak and butter chicken! The artichoke pancake was also great... I love italian food!!!!

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The most amazing experience and meal of our entire trip and we had a lot of amazing culinary experiences.
The owner was very accommodating as we didn't have a reservation and sat us at a table right near the kitchen. We shared it with a young local couple that was dining out in celebration of a birthday. We had a great time, the food was delicious and the people outstanding! Going back for a second time in a little over a week!

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