Marco Baroni



An exquisite atelier of beautifully and lovingly made unique jewellery.

This little atelier is tucked away in the characteristic artisan neighbourhood of the San Niccolò area. While the two little window displays outside will keep you oohing and ahhing for a while, inside the small atelier you will find the laboratory itself where all the minute and detailed work is done by Marco Baroni and his apprentices.

The filigree white and yellow gold rings inlaid with tiny diamonds are breathtaking, but the favourites are the animal rings, which include exquisite gold crocodiles, designed to wrap around your pinky or index finger and little mice with inlaid precious stones on their backs. The atelier also produces an interesting combination of black iron and gold rings and necklaces for men and women that have a distinct medieval air to them.

Incredible workmanship and uniqueness.


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For the quality which you get there the price is good. Brought my wife a new ring after I've spent days to find a present for her. It was also interesting to see how these objects are made.

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